San Antonio – a city which boasts an unrivaled variety of things to do and see, a perfect holiday spot, and yes, an awe-inspiring night life. Over the years, San Antonio has continuously developed and it is now one of the top ten fastest growing cities in the United States. Just name it – there are lots of things that make this city one you would love – reasons that would ensure you always venture outdoors so you can explore.

Whether you decided to visit the Alamo to enjoy its amazing scenery or you chose to take a stroll among the tons of dazzling displays and decorative lightings found around the city, San Antonio is a delight for anyone who desires absolute comfort and luxury. For those with a huge interest in education – of any kind, San Antonio is your best bet. Whether you seek the big, small, medical, religious, or art schools, there is a program that perfectly fits your needs. More so, the people are forward thinking and fun loving. San Antonio is a beautiful place for beautiful people – a top luxury choice.

From apartment communities to town homes and studios, Suite Living by Mikayla is your top choice. I am a relator with massive experience in apartment locator services. my knowledge of the city and communities therein makes my service all the more appealing. San Antonio has it all – from historical apartments to massively modern luxury homes, you would be spoilt for choice. I will take you on a tour of the properties until you secure a place you desire – an apartment of your dreams. Kindly contact me today at: 214-418-6361 and and let us explore the beauty called San Antonio.



A city with a true culture and identity, Austin TX is a delightful place to call home.  From the festival of the weirdos (Keep Austin Weird) to the diverse culture which features residents of mixed ethnic groups, political views, and background, Austin is a top relocation destination. It is no wonder the city is known as the culture center of Texas (the Lone Star State).

The reasonable cost of living is a really attractive feature of the city. You can easily get beer, food, and even a luxury rental at price friendly rates. Due to increase in the number of young talents in Austin, the city has become more of a corporate/tech hub in recent times. The University of Texas is in the city – a feature that makes it more appealing to youth.

Are you currently in a relationship? Are you single, feeling lonely and left out at times? None of that matters. The downtown nightlife of Austin has amazing options for everyone. You would find just the right vibe to keep you going, to suite your desired mood for the night. Whether you desire “big city” kind of nightlife or you love watching a local band play some good stuff at a bar, Austin TX is your city. There are some pretty attractive music festivals that go on every year, and while you await such lively festivals, the live music will be just the perfect partner for you.

Realistically, Austin is one city is truly livable. If you are someone that starts planning your next relocation immediately you move into a new place, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The city is the kind of place anyone would want to settle into. For someone that is only motivated when there is royalty on offer, Austin is an even more ideal option for you. Contact Suite Living by Mikayla in Austin today at: 214-418-6361 and . I’ll take you on a tour of the best of the visually pleasing, luxury properties you can find in Austin. Rest assured you would find a place in no time – an apartment that befits your person – yes, you are that special.



Dallas – one of the largest cities in the Lone Star State is a sprawling metroplex – a unique county with an internationally-recognized architectural design. In fact, a Toronto-based think tank compiled an index which ranked Dallas as the fourth most appealing city to young people across the globe. This ranked the city ahead of well-renowned cities such as London, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Dallas is easily everyone’s favorite. The city is not considered youth-friendly for nothing. With amazing spots for movies such as the historic landmark theatre, an appealing snack destination in 7-Eleven, and an impressive variety of visually pleasing museums such Dallas Museum of Art and the African American Museum of Dallas, there is something for everyone in the city. What more? Dallas boasts a vibrant nightlife. The area has been a destination for live music and in turn, the best musicians in town. And, what a joy the city view brings at night with its radiating freeways and rising skyline.

The promise and potential of Dallas makes securing your dream home – a luxury, prestigious apartment designed to your taste – in Dallas, a top drawer choice. I know how demanding and painful moving can be. I understand your need to manage time – I will take the load off you. I walk the walk for you, taking the all-important big steps that will ensure you secure your apartment in no time. No time? No worries! You are young – yes, you must enjoy your youthful life. Contact Suite Living by Mikayla today at: 214-418-6361 and Allow me stress it, relax and enjoy the fruit of your dedication and hard work.



Texas today has easily become one of the top relocation destinations today after Florida – and Houston is in no small way a city of choice. It has been estimated that about 275 new people make the move to Houston every day – yes, you read that right! Making the move to Houston is a hot topic today – and rightfully so. The cost of living in the city is reasonable and the job market is also massive – the laws are favorable to businesses, and it is no wonder that most leading companies in the United States place their headquarters in the city.

Another appealing factor is the cuisine. Are you a foodie? Or do you just love a wide variety of foods? Houston is your city! With thousands of eateries and restaurants in the city, you are always sure of getting the meal that suits your taste at a particular time. Whether you need the tastiest burgers, a weekend brunch, or delightful pizzas, Houston promises to satisfy your craving. Even more noteworthy is the housing. As a home to several waterways, the most desirable neighborhoods in the city are naturally carved out with the barrier provided by the waterways.

The loop also provides another significant marker of the homes in the city. You could decide on where you prefer to stay – whether inside or outside the loop. Interestingly, your choice of lifestyle is never a problem. You can decide on the best neighborhood for your stay based on the lifestyle of the area – yes, there is a home for everyone. Suite by Mikayla was specifically birthed to satisfy your relocation needs. As big as the city is, you do not need to worry about your choice place.

Once you let me know of your preferred place of residence, I will do everything possible to secure such rental for you. The size of the city is a big plus, and in truth, there is never a problem with Suite Living by Mikayla in Houston. Contact me today at: 214-418-6361 and Mikayla@topnotchlocating.comand you can rest assured you will never go wrong.



Usually overlooked and in the shadow of Dallas, Fort Worth is the perfect blend of the typical urban sophistication spiced up with cowboy culture. Aside the ever vibrant nightlife and the amazing history of the city, Fort Worth is a city rich with things to do – when you move in. whether it is that you are making a move as a result of your career or you just wish to get the feel of a new city, you would soon discover why Fort Worth is one of the most livable cities in the United States.

With one of the best neighborhoods in Lone City State, Fort Worth is a destination for young ones and young families too. In fact, the city was ranked by U.S. News as the 15th best city in its Best Places to Live. Are you in search of southern suburbia sceneries, lofts and hi-rise condos, or do you need a prestigious home with a top of the line gourmet landscape? Fort Worth spoils you with luxury – you alone will decide where you prefer – yes, you alone will select your luxury taste.

How about fun? Oh, just so much! You can take a walk around the Sundance Square – a destination that attracts over 10 million visitors every year. You also do not want to kiss the fun the Fort Worth Zoo promises. Even more encouraging is that Suite Living by Mikayla is in Fort Worth too! Yes, I will take you around town so you can explore – and select your desired property. You have all the time in the world to select your luxury taste – I am your personal tour guide – and of course, luxury apartment search locator. Contact Suite Living by Mikayla in Fort Worth today at: 214-418-6361 and and rest assured you would settle for nothing short of royalty.